Home Walkways

Walkways do not affect just the appearance of your garden. Their function is to orient you from one point to another. They make your way easier to finish. When planning to build walkways, you should consider a lot of factors such as:

Material- Front walkways usually tend to be more formal and can be built by flagstones, brick and pavers Their combinations in style, shape and color can create attractive walkways. Always located in the rear and side yard tend to use materials considered as less formal such as natural steppers.

Width– Usually front walkways should be as wide as to allow two people to walk side by side in a comfortable way.

Elevation changes– Sometimes the material of steps are the same with walkways  but they don’t need to be. Mixing it up can lead to more interesting steps. 

Directness to the end– This depends on how fast you want people to arrive from the A point to the B point. 

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